Saturday, July 7, 2012

I want to say words that make you feel things

      As an aspiring author, I've realized that being a New York Times bestseller isn't very likely. Especially since I never finish a story. Maybe it's that I'm neurotic, or I see no point of finishing something that I know is flawed. It might not be neuroticism. Stress isn't a big thing in my life. Perfectionist isn't really the term either. It could just be introversion. It sucks that introversion has the ability to affect my writing too. Though, it brings a level of thought/sarcasm that I like to think is unique to me. No one has ever commended my writing for it's "correct punctuation and proper sentence structure." Back to the topic, I no longer want to be a famous writer, or say something to inspire a generation. I want to say words that make you feel things.
     I want my sentences to be new. I want to make you think like you've never thought before. I want you to misinterpret my words. Take what you want from what I say, I have no problem with that.
     There's beauty in brevity. There's also beauty in vagueness. The truth is, sometimes it is only about what you're saying and not how you're saying it.
     I hope by now, I've entertained at least some new thought on writing. Or maybe the title has had you caught up in vagueness. There's no sentimental value to the statement, there's no real literary devices, and it's not a new idea. It's just a new light shining on the same old desire. and it's not a very creative light, but it still has it's beauty.

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