Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pretty Little Words

                Language is the medium through which life is lived. I need to breathe air, I need to drink water, and I need to eat food. But I love to say words. I love to express complex ideas and put them into simple words. I think that is a major difference between quality of life. A person needs to find love in something they will always have, and something that doesn't take a lot of effort. For me, it’s pretty little words.
                The strength of language sometimes is outstanding. The cliché would be “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Which is absolutely true, words will move nations to kill other nations. Now most words spoken or written do not hold such high importance, but they still hold their might. The extended metaphor today will be the human mind as a factory and words as a product (yay!). Our brains process an almost limitless amount of information every second, and then we perceive the relevant information. There are all these little parts of information floating around in the mind, and when we speak, all the cogs turn and compress and combine millions of parts into a few simple words. These simple words are sometimes packaged nicely in between less meaningful words. If anyone were to hear those few words the millions of parts of information will be available for them to take as they please. Later, they can repackage the same exact words, and pass them on to someone that will have a similar experience. This will go on forever.
                I’ll refer to my very first post, where I state that there is beauty in vagueness. In a sense, it still holds true, but just because vagueness holds such a deep complexity that it is not vague to the speaker. It is everything it’s meant to be. And in deep connections it is not vague to receiver. Those three words “I love you” can be said and the receiver can perceive the message as the sender meant it to be. Or the three words could transform each one of the millions of ideas into a million possibilities. Maybe some find all the possibilities scary, but they should feel limitless instead. All the information is given to you in just three words, and you can pick apart everything and interpret it exactly as you want. No one can tell you that you’re wrong. No one should tell you that you’re wrong.

                Less complex ideas that need to be interpreted as is, tend to use more words. At least that is how I feel. But that doesn't make the ideas or words less powerful. There have been a few occasions where pretty little words will bring people to tears, not because of the events, but because the words so strongly elicit a response. Eloquence will take good intentions and multiply the effect. A speaker or a writer will use words to recreate the exact idea, and will pinpoint the exact desired interpretation. In that moment both the sender and receiver will share the same thought and the true strength of thought will be doubled.